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Windsor Fair racing copyHarness Racing ©Windsor FairWindsor is small town located approximately 13 miles east of the state capitol, Augusta. The town was incorporated as Malta in 1809. In 1820, it was reincorporated as Gerry to honor statesman Elbridge Gerry, and, two years later, it was incorporated again as Windsor.

Windsor is home to the 2nd largest agricultural fair, the Windsor Fair, which takes place each year from the last week of August until Labor Day in September. The fair encompasses over 50 acres and has an estimated attendance of over 150,000. Located in the heart of Central Maine, the fairgrounds are in close proximity to the coast, golf courses and mountains.


  • Population: 2,575
  • Shortly after the town was incorporated as Malta, a rebellion – the “Malta War” – broke out between residents and the Massachusetts government over land ownership rights.

Town of Windsor
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