Maine's Capital Area

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The Kennebec Valley spans 23 communities from Maine’s capital city, Augusta, to Gardiner to Windsor to Monmouth to Readfield and everywhere in between. An original 1629 Pilgrim settlement, Augusta is both the capital city of the Pine Tree State and the service center of a Micropolitan with 75,000 residents. Maine’s capital area is rich in history, culture, art, educational resources, dining, industry, and retail shopping. Historic downtowns are full of intricate architecture and art, offering a beautiful backdrop to the many shops, restaurants, and offices that line these streets. Dine in one of the many local restaurants using locally sourced ingredients and catch a show at one of several theaters in the region or, weather permitting, an outdoor concert along the riverfront. The mighty Kennebec River flows through the region to the ocean beyond. It’s no wonder why boating, fishing, and swimming are popular activities during warmer months. If running, walking, or biking are more favorable activities, the Kennebec River Rail Trail follows the river south from Augusta to Gardiner, offering 6.5 miles of scenic trails, which are also maintained throughout the winter months. Not only is there a lot to do during the warmer time of the year, but winter also brings a certain coziness to the region. Warm up in a local café, indulge in a shopping or spa trip, bring color to your world with a visit to an art gallery, or head outdoors for cross country skiing and snowshoeing. In the Kennebec Valley, you experience the kind of Maine we usually keep for ourselves.

Plan your visit to the Kennebec Valley!

Kennebec Valley 2024 Region Guide                    Maine's Kennebec Valley 2024 Explorer

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The Kennebec Valley has lodging options for both leisure and business, family vacations, and solo travel. From the convenience of the city to the seclusion of the lakes, whatever you need is here. Businesses in our region work closely with local hotels, motels, and inns to accommodate traveling clients and also utilize the many conference spaces available.

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As Maine's capital region, the Kennebec Valley is teaming with attractions from the State Capitol Complex to museums, statues, and historic buildings.

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The Capital Area offers a variety of year- round recreational activities for residents and visitors alike. The region is filled with hundreds of thousands of acres of forests, with several hundreds of acres dedicated to conservation and recreation. The region is filled with opportunities for locals and visitors alike to enjoy nature and exercise in the outdoors.


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augusta bags©Marketplace at AugustaFrom small, locally owned stores to national retail stores, the Kennebec Valley has it all. Your shopping experience will include visiting several shopping centers, mini-malls and traditional Main Street settings of the downtown business districts.

Each community in the region offers its own unique downtown shopping experience. Visit the varied selection of stores owned by our very own community members. Find a treasure trove of antique pieces, stay warm with a handmade hat, or bite into a scrumptious treat made with local products.

The capital area is also home to several shopping centers with an extraordinary retailer mix with likes of Walmart, Target, Lowes, Home Depot, TJ Maxx, Best Buy, Barnes and Noble Booksellers, and more.

Whatever your shopping pleasure, you are sure to discover it in the Capital Area.

The Kennebec Valley is filled with unique dining opportunities. Try something new or find comfort in an old favorite. You can find local, fresh ingredients at many of the locally-owned restaurants. The range of culinary options will please visitors and life-long residents alike!

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