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Elevate Your Ironman Performance with the Titan IV Drip at Hydrapure Infusions Medspa

Triathlons aren't won by chance! Get prepared with us!!!


Ironman athletes, prepare to unleash your full potential with our Titan IV Drip at Hydrapure Infusions Medspa. Specifically formulated for elite endurance athletes, the Titan IV Drip is packed with B vitamins and essential amino acids, designed to enhance your energy levels, speed up recovery, and improve overall performance.

Our Titan IV Drip is customizable to meet your unique needs, ensuring you get the optimal blend of nutrients to support your rigorous training and competition schedule. Whether you're looking to boost stamina, reduce muscle fatigue, or accelerate muscle repair, the Titan IV Drip is your secret weapon.

Experience the difference with Hydrapure Infusions Medspa and achieve new personal bests. Book your session today and fuel your journey to Ironman glory!

Seize the Deal on HydraPure Medspa's Hangover Drip. Originally $175 value, at $87.50, grab this one up before its gone. Hangover drip is formulated to help you recover from a long night or just needing to combat a virus. It has a anti-nausea and anti-inflammatory concoction of Zofran, Toradol, B vitamins, and Glutathione for detox. Buy the certificate at then simply walk in or call us to schedule an appointment.

Did you know you can use a Home Equity Line of Credit to consolidate debt? Contact us at (800) 326-6190 or  to learn more!

For the remainder of the year, 2023, we are providing FREE  Vitamin B12 injections to the line and CMP workers to THANK them for their service!


Come and get some energy on us! Available at both locations - Waterville and Augusta   IVHYDRALOUNGE.ORG 


Buy a gift card of at least $100.00 and get a FREE $25.00 gift card for you to use or to tack onto the gift card you have purchased


Last but not least- Vitamin B Quickie Infusion for only $55.00- packed with vitamin B 12 and of course hydration to start off your year right


We have so many supplements and infusions to choose from


COME USE YOUR HSA or FSA before the end of the year - for an appointment of you can call 207-931-7253 Augusta OR 207-649-3789 Waterville 





Happy October,

IV HydraLounge is located in two locations - 198 Western Avenue Augusta behind Bagel Mania and 350 Kennedy Memorial Drive in the Emery's Meats and Subway mini mall. 

We are offering FREE B12 injections for the month of October. 

If you are lacking energy or would like mental clarity, this is for you. 

1000 MCG of B12 is a supplement and assists in the natural production of red blood cells which in turn provides energy. 


Ten Benefits of Taking Vitamin B12 Injections
  • Can improve Metabolism and Supports Weight Loss. 
  • Helps Against Anxiety and Depression. 
  • Increases Red Blood Cells. 
  • Healthier Hair, Skin, and Nails. 
  • Slows Down Memory Loss
  • Strengthens Immune System. 
  • Promotes Eye Health. 
  • A Pregnancy Aid.

We are run my a medical Doctor, Nurse Practitioner, DNP RN and many Registered Nurses with many years of IV experience. 

Come visit, call, or view our website at


See you soon!

IV HydraLounge 


Would your business benefit from a Free IT Evalution ? From Data Backups, Cloud Solutions, Phone Systems, Cyber Security, Remote Access and More. We can provide the solutions you need. You can email  or call 207-544-5510 for more information and scheduling! Find out your how your current Network is doing and make sure you are getting what you pay for! 


Would your business benefit from a Free IT Evaluation ? From Data Backups, Cloud Solutions, Phone Systems, Cyber Security, Remote Access and More. We can provide the solutions you need. You can email  or call 207-544-5510 for more information and scheduling! Find out your how your current Network is doing.207tech

Happy Fall!

As we are coming into cold weather, it is important to boost immunity to ward off illness. 

Did you know that swallowing vitamins only absorb approximately 30-60% as everyone is different.

Did you know that we offer injections that are quick and relatively painless that bypass your gut and are 90+ % absorbed. 

All injections are only $30 with the exception of Glutathione $45

Get one or more!

We have.....

Vitamin D3- Bones and Mood

Vitamin C- Immunity and Healing

Vitamin B-12- Energy

Vita Complex (B family)- More Energy, Mood

Biotin- Hair and Nails 

Glutathione- Tissue Repair, Anti-Inflammatory, May Assist with Night Sweats

Amino Blend- Performance and Recovery

Toradol- Anti-Inflammatory

Zofran- Nausea


Come in or call for a friendly consultation if you are unsure. 

We are open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. 

Have an amazing day. 

IV HydraLounge

198 Western Avenue Suite 10

Augusta, ME  04330

(207) 931-7253


Bucci Productions is teaming up with Dragonfly Rose Photography and Design. They are both new members of the Chamber.


Video for Photo


When you invest at least $1,500 in videography services for your company or organization from Bucci Productions, you'll receive a free mini session with Dragonfly Rose. That's a $300 deal!

Need some ideas for a video? Testimonials, training, website welcome, social media campaigns, and FAQs are all great ways to reach more customers.

Call Nick at 207-737-9403 to make an investment in your business now.

Passengers with a disability and Medicare card holders are entitled to 50% off the regular one-way coach fares on most Downeaster trains (not available on trains 685 or 695). Click "Buy Tickets”, select 'Passenger with Disability', and the discount will be automatically applied.  A valid photo I.D. and Medicare card is required when purchasing tickets and while traveling. 

Reservations cannot be made at a Quik-Trak Kiosk. This discount in not valid for travel in business class.



ALL children ages 2-12 are eligible to receive a 50% discount with one full fare paying adult. One child under the age of two (classified as an "infant") may ride free with each full fare-paying adult (age 18+). Infants are not entitled to a seat. If there is more than one infant with each adult traveler, then the 50% discount will apply.

Download a copy of our Family Fun Coloring Book

Headed to the Children’s Museum and Theatre of Maine? Take a look at our map of Thompson’s Point walking directions!


Seniors 65+ are entitled to 50% off the regular one-way coach fares on most Downeaster trains.

Click "Buy Tickets" and select "Senior". Discount automatically applies. No promo code needed.

This discount is not available when tickets are purchased onboard the train or valid for travel in business class.

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Our for sale by owner platform was established in 1997 and has proven time and time again that it is possible to sell your house without a real estate agent and keep more money in your pocket at closing.

When you use our flat fee MLS listing service you get the same online marketing that a local agent will do for you but you will save at least 50% of the commission or 100% if you find a buyer not working with an agent. Now that’s a lot of money to keep in your pocket!

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