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Chelsea©Town of ChelseaChelsea was incorporated on March 1, 1851 from a portion of Hallwell. Laying directly to the south of Augusta on the eastern bank of the Kennebec River, Chelsea is the “gateway to the capital.”

Chelsea is home to the Togus VA Medical Center, a facility operated by the United States Department of Veteran Affairs. Originally built as a resort, the Togus Spring Hotel, in 1858, the facility began its affiliation with the military in 1866 when it was used to house Union veterans. The facilities as well as the adjacent Togus National Cemetery were listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2012.

The town office hosts the Chelsea veterans memorial and a smaller memorial plaque to Chester Caldwell “For his many years of service to the school and a dedicated ‘Town Father.’”


  • Population: 2,721
  • Chelsea is named for a town in Massachusetts which in turn was named for a section of London, England.
  • The primary stream in the town is Worromontogus, or “Togus,” which flows into the Kennebec River.

Chelsea Town Office
(207) 582-4802