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Pay rate to be determined based on experience.
This position will provide administrative support for processing requests for public records submitted to the Maine Department of the Secretary of State. This work involves a broad range of tasks, including documenting requests, conducting legal analysis and research, and compiling redacting and distributing appropriate documents. This position supports our commitment to a secure and transparent government, which is essential for democracy. Work is performed under limited supervision.

•Creating and maintaining a tracking system for all public records requests to ensure timely and efficient responses.
•Researching and evaluating all correspondence related to requests for public records submitted to the department.
•Compiling records and legal documents needed to evaluate and respond to public records requests under the Freedom of Access Act.
•Consulting with attorneys and staff to evaluate the legality and implications of requests and determine how best to respond to them.
•Interpreting, and explaining Maine’s laws, policies and procedures related to requests for public records.
•Drafting official responses to public records requests which may include a variety of comprehensive legal documentation and reports.

To be successful in this role you will need:

•Excellent organizational and project management skills, including attention to detail, and the ability to develop and implement efficient procedures, multi-task, adjust to variations work volume.
•Excellent written and oral communication skills, including the ability to communicate effectively with attorneys, members of the public and others with a broad range of knowledge and abilities.
•Advanced professional judgement in evaluating which records are publicly available and which records are confidential for human resources, security or other legal reasons.
•Proficiency with Microsoft Office products, and ability to learn other software programs as needed.

Ability to:
•Understand, interpret and apply statutes, regulations, and case law.
•Read and review large quantities of print and electronic documents to assess relevance efficiently.
•Be precise in complying with the freedom of access legal requirements.
•Establish and maintain effective working relationships.
•Manage and protect sensitive or confidential information.


Any ONE of the following:
•At least two years of experience working as a paralegal, or assistant in a law office, government agency or other organization that performs legal work, in a role with legal and administrative responsibilities.
•Demonstrated ability and work experience in project management, in a leadership position.
•Demonstrated knowledge of the legal principles and practices of processes and the ability to research complex legal issues and analyze legal problems.

Priority given to:
•Graduates from an approved, accredited paralegal program of instruction.
•Experience fulfilling freedom of access act or public records requests.

Contact Email

Please forward your resume and cover letter to the above email.

On the subject line please type: Freedom of Access Act Associate