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Run Amok Mead will celebrate its Grand Opening on Friday, September 30, 2022. 

Then on Saturday, October 1, 2022 we will celebrate "International Observe the Moon Night!"

Mead is the fastest growing segment of the craft beverage industry, we are finally ready to open the doors after a long journey, and we are excited to hear from YOU!

We are looking for folks to help make Run Amok Mead the most happening place ever, so we are hiring for several positions:

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Social Media and Event Coordinator - This person is super savvy about social media, likes to take pictures, and can speak Run Amok, helping to develop the company "voice."  They are also creative and imaginative, bursting with good ideas for fun events, mead releases, art, music, and innovative ways to support local community.

Mead Servers/Customer Satisfaction Experts - These folks are all about mead.  They will come to know Run Amok Meads especially well, and they will help customers come to know and love them too.  They work weekends, AND they get to go to special events like Brew Fests!  

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Assistant Mead Maker - This person is interested in the nuts and bolts and yeasts and fermentables of how Run Amok Meads get in the bottle.  I will teach you everything I know about meadmaking!  (Shouldn't take long... lol)  The hours will be weird and probably erratic, there will be lots of standing, plenty of cleaning and sanitizing, and much lifting of heavy things.  But in the end - there WILL be MEAD!

40 gallon tank filled with currants


Please reach out with cover letter and resume to: 

Tell us which job gets you excited, and why you're the person we should be talking to!


 -- Christy Hemenway


1043 High Street in West Gardiner, Maine