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 Peter Grant House National Register of Historic Places

National Register of Historic Places

Farmingdale in Kennebec County, was incorporated on April 3, 1852 from parts of Gardiner, West Gardiner and Hallowell

On the Kennebec River just north of Gardiner, it is a residential community serving the Augusta-Gardiner capital area.

During the 19th century and before the availability of mechanical refrigeration, there were several ice houses along the river.

Ice was cut from the frozen water and stored in warehouses often insulated with sawdust. When the ice was gone, the river was clogged with logs floating downstream to paper mills further south.

The career of one of Farmingdale’s noted citizens provides insights into the town’s past.

According to Maine’s Historic Places, Peter Grant was a self-made man who, at his death in 1836, left an estate of over $100,000 (very large for the time), including a shipyard in Farmingdale, half-ownership of four good-sized vessels, and large real estate holdings in the area. His social position is indicated by the fact that one of his sons married a daughter of Dr. Benjamin Vaughan, the patriarch of Hallowell.