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Chelsea Town Office

Chelsea, incorporated on March 1, 1851 from a portion of Hallowell was named for a Massachusetts town, which in turn was named for a section of London, England.

The town office hosts the Chelsea veterans memorial and a smaller memorial plaque to Chester Caldwell “For his many years of service to the school and a dedicated ‘Town Father.'”

Chelsea Market, the Grange Hall, Fire Station and the School are all near the town office on the Togus Road (Route 226). The principal stream is the Worromontogus, or “Togus,” which runs southward through the eastern part and falls into the Kennebec.

There is a saw and grist mill on this stream, toward the southern part of the town. In the northern part is one of the United States military asylums. The mineral spring at this place formerly had some notoriety, and Mr. Beal, of Boston, erected a large hotel near it. The enterprise did not prove profitable, and the property was sold to the United States . . . .

Aside from Togus, the principal settlement is near the bridge connecting the town with Hallowell. Along the river are a few ice-houses, and near the southern line is one of the large houses owned by the Knickerbocker Ice Company. The Mane Central Railroad, on the opposite side of the river, is accessible by bridge or boat.

In 1867 and again in 1901, Chelsea ceded land to the “National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers” from the Civil War. (The town sent 98 soldiers to the war, 28 were killed.)

The institution eventually became the Togus Veterans Hospital, then Togus Medical Center, known generally as “Togus.”